The Cruise Princess

me and the Captain for DinnerFor me cruise travel is one of the most fun, exciting, economical form of travel vacation on the planet.  After 30 years + of cruising I still get so excited that I can hardly sleep at night.

After my husband said to me one day, “Do you know who you are? You’re the Cruise Princess.” Well his words rang true in my heart so We Rock!I got up my courage and worked to become a cruise travel agent by studying at CLEA and participating in ship inspection and going to cruise line event across the country. I’ve now been a cruise travel agent for ten years as of July, 2016.

I cruise as often as time and money allow and continue to attend cruise line events and online webcast so I stay current with the latest news in the cruise industry, such as ship relocation, new ship additions, ship refurbishment, special cruise perks and rates, etc…

(Sometimes I get caught in the rain too)beach day

I hope I can help make your next vacation the vacation of lifetime on one of the great ships from any of the cruise lines.


Cruise Travel Specialist