About Me

Shoppin in the Bahamas1_3_10_2010 cruise 213 - CopyFor me cruise travel is one of the most fun, exciting, economical form of travel vacation on the planet.  After 30 years + of cruising, I still get so excited that I can hardly sleep the night before a cruise. My favorite cruise is the one I’m on at the time.

I love to help the first time cruisers find their way into the world of cruise travel. Cruise travel offers the best bang for the buck spent, bar none. It is affordable and of high value, fun and exciting, and care free  vacation that you can find on the planet.

I will consult with you as to what you are looking for, what you Shoppin in the Bahamasbudget will get you and find you the right itinerary and it will not cost you a penny. Any commission which I receive come directly from the cruise lines. I become an advocate for you with the cruise lines should you need one due to unforeseen circumstances which may come up pre-cruise, during or afterwards.


Cruise Travel Specialist